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I am going back after so many years to Burkina Faso my country of birth. Instead of a vacation in my home country, this is a mission trip where I get to connect with the youth and the

 Some of my days are spent taking people blood pressure, donating over-the-counter medicine such as Tylenol, acetaminophen,aspirin, ibuprofen, bengay and other pain medicine to many villagers who can’t afford them. 

Those with very high level of blood pressure are asked to come back again like in an hour for another
reading. This is because some of them get so nervous and tense that the
readings can be affected. Finally, those with consistent highs levels are asked
to visit a doctor in the city for proper care.

This mission trip allows me to engage with the youth and share with them reading materials sports equipment such as soccer and volleyballs. I try to bring with me whatever I can find and that can be useful to villagers Once my arrival is announced, many villagers including

some of the nearby communities come to great and expose their medical predicaments. I am asking for your support.  You can help me in many ways, by donating over the counter medicine, pain treatment medicine such as bengay which helps to alleviate arthritis and back pain for the elderly, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aspirin, band-aid, soccer, and volleyballs, jumping ropes, pens, etc. You can also donate on our website to support this mission trip..

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Help us share this